Valérie Péché (dir.), Monuments de Lumière : vitrail commémoratif de la Grande Guerre en Meuse, Conservation départementale des Musées de la Meuse, Conseil général de la Meuse, 1998. ISBN : 978-2-36186-035-6, 30 €.

Meuse has more stained glass windows commemorating the First World War than anywhere else. The years between 1920 and 1940, during which buildings destroyed in the war were reconstructed, made for an extremely vibrant glass-making period. Around a hundred religious buildings saved from the ruins incorporated a stained glass window in memory of the war. Christian responses to the monuments to the fallen erected in village squares, these images form part of the region’s post-war heritage.

The result of an inventory initiative conducted in Meuse, this book is essentially a complete catalogue of such heritage, and examines the mechanisms of ordering and implementing the stained glass windows, the major iconographic themes and the stylistic elements. It was published to coincide with an exhibition organised by the Meuse General Council.