Marie Lecasseur, head of the Meuse Museums Conservation team

Aline Resch, head of the Stenay Beer Museum and the north Meuse team for Meuse Museums Conservation

Management – Administration - Secretariat

Maeva Pierre, administrative and budgetary assistant

Bernadette Colin, administrative manager, Stenay Beer Museum

Florence Randoux, booking service manager, Stenay Beer Museum

Collections department

Stéphanie Jeanson, head of the general heritage register, of research and of museum resources improvements

Céline Pierre, scientific assistant

Sabrina Breugnon, collections manager, Stenay Beer Museum

Public services - Mediation

Mélina Thomas, museum network development manager

Eloïse Champlon, reception and events development officer at the Raymond Poincaré Museum, technical assistant and museum verification coordinator

Céline Plane, cultural mediator at Stenay Beer Museum, and supervisor of public policies led by museums in north Meuse.

Quentin Gérard, heritage coordinator at the Stenay Beer Museum

Nolwenn Maroteaux, development officer, Montmédy museums

Technical services

Christophe Kraeber, museums technical officer

Bruno Rabineau, museums technical officer

Nicolas Destremont, museums technical officer for north Meuse

Roger Petitcolin, maintenance technician for outdoor spaces at the Raymond Poincaré museum, museums technical assistant

Educational service

Marie-Laure Milot, school teacher, Meuse museums educational team