Bernard Prud’homme, Ligier Richier, Département de la Meuse, published by Serge Domini, 2016. ISBN : 978-2-35475-110-4, 8 €.


In the early 2000s, as part of the 500th anniversary celebrations of Ligier Richier’s birth in St Mihiel, the Meuse department was keen to honour the sculptor, considered to be Lorraine’s most important artist of the 16th century. This lavishly illustrated work is designed as a guide for visitors retracing the artist’s history. It helps promote an understanding of his works by placing them in the context of art history as well as the era’s religious and artistic context. In the 16th century, Meuse was a lively trading area and a hub of cultural and artistic links. This saw Ligier Richier’s sculptures soak up influences from Champagne, Flanders, Burgundy, Germany and Italy. Discover it.