Simon Piéchaud, Emile Decker, Jacques Peiffer, Les assiettes parlantes et patriotiques de la Grande Guerre, Conservation départementale des Musées de la Meuse, Conseil général de la Meuse, 1989. ISBN : 978-2-36186-039-4, 8 €.

When war broke out in 1914, the entire nation was called upon. Industry, agriculture, the world of politics, the media and the Fine Arts all pulled together in aid of the war effort, creating a genuine meeting of minds. Continuing the tradition begun in the French Revolution, patriotic plates were produced in abundance by the major pottery production centres during the First World War. These decorative objects were as informative as posters and postcards, and constitute valuable examples of public opinion during these testing times. The themes depicted were designed to create a spirit of comradery: the excellence of French weapons, allied nations, heroes in the face of the German enemy, devastation and destruction, and even the consequences of peace.

In 1989, the Meuse department acquired the not inconsiderable collection of the Diors private museum (Indre), the majority of whose earthenware was displayed in 1991 as part of an exhibition entitled “La Guerre des assiettes” [Plates of war]. This updated exhibition was later presented in 2016 and 2017 at Commercy’s Ceramic and Ivory Museum.