Philippe Pagnotta (dir.), Faïenceries du Valcolorois : le tesson manquant, Conservation départementale des Musées de la Meuse, Conseil général de la Meuse, 1995. ISBN : 978-2-36186-040-0, 23 €.

Aside from the few influential centres in Argonne, such as Les Islettes and Waly, whose most attractive items have been the subject of studies, what do we know about the Meuse potteries of Burniqueville and Montigny-lès-Vaucouleurs? These potteries were in operation for almost a century and a half, from the beginning of the 18th century to the middle of the 19th century, and we still have relatively numerous examples of their activities. Research conducted on ancient finds from excavations, as well as investigations into archives and public and private collections, has unearthed the pottery and pipe clay used by the locals. An element hitherto obscured from the manufacturing and artisanal activity of Vaucouleurs has been brought back to life thanks to this collective effort coordinated by the Meuse Museums Conservation department. This book pieces together the growth and development of the industry, the production methods used and how the area’s factories were organised.