Philippe Pagnotta, Autour d’une collection d’ivoires, catalogue des œuvres du musée de Commercy et des musées de la Meuse, Conservation départementale des Musées de la Meuse, Conseil général de la Meuse, 2002. ISBN : 2-9518432-0-8, Softback or hardback: €30.

Commercy’s Ivory Museum collections provide some of the richest, most diverse examples of Lorraine’s heritage. The sheer number of works and their quality see them ranked alongside Dieppe as the country’s number one collection. By bequeathing his collections to the town of Commercy, Dr Guillaume Boyer wanted them to act as a starting point for a museum, but these treasures then had to wait until the end of the 20th century for the generous benefactor’s wishes to be granted. This catalogue completes the didactic approach to museum scenography, by providing the technical, stylistic and historical references needed to appreciate the uniqueness of Commercy’s heritage. It also incorporates other notable works conserved in other Meuse museums.