Sylviane Estiot, Xavier Delestre, 5860 monnaies romaines de Troussey, Conservation départementale des Musées de la Meuse, Conseil général de la Meuse, 1992. ISBN : 978-2-36186-038-7, 8 €.

Discovered at the start of the 4th century, the Troussey treasure constitutes a key element in understanding the history of Meuse.

The Troussey “money box”, split between two vases – one bronze, one earthenware -, contains 5,860 Roman coins dating from the second half of the 3rd century. The ensemble features a diverse proliferation of monetary typology and iconographic themes. Many coins are unusual or extremely rare, some identifiable only by an extremely damaged example. In the absence of contemporary historical texts, archaeological documents, and particularly coins, represent the only sources of knowledge we have about a period of Roman Empire history known as the “Imperial Crisis”.